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CAFL Liste

Unser Frequenz-Handbuch mit über 1.500 Frequenzlisten können Sie bei uns auch als PDF-File zum Download um € 9,-- beziehen. Sie erhalten über 65 A4 Seiten voll mit Pathogenen und deren Frequenzen.

Microcurrent and frequency therapy

General definition: Microcurrents are voltages that are far below one volt

Our human thinking usually assumes that "more is better than less". In biology, however, this actually applies only to a very limited extent and partially reverses its effect.

Matter or vibration

Our thought experiment on being and appearances begins with the philosopher Plato.

We span the arch of thought over Kant, Schopenhauer up to Max Planck and deal with the following questions:

Does our world consist of matter or merely of pure vibration?
Is our world really as we see, hear, smell and feel it?
Or is our reality merely a construct of our brain based on external vibrational stimuli, which our brain then presents to us as a whole as reality?

Join me on a short but exciting journey into the world of vibrations.

Electrical operation

Electrosurgery is a method that is frequently used in molecular biology. The aim is to make the cell membrane temporarily permeable in order to introduce DNA into prokaryotic cells or eukaryotic cells.

This is done by an electric field, usually generated as a short pulse by the discharge current of a capacitor, which permeabilizes the cells due to various effects.

Herxheimer reaction

The Herxheimer reaction is understood to be a reaction of the body, lasting up to several days, to bacterial toxins (endotoxins), which are produced by the therapy-related decay of a large quantity of pathogens and lead to the release of inflammatory messenger substances.

The Kaali Patent

The Kaali patent for blood electrification would probably still be lying dormant in the archives of the patent office today, had it not been for a certain Dr. Robert Beck, who built on this patent, analysed and refined the findings, and based on this developed his Beck blood zapper.
The following list was researched by Dr. Toshihiko Yayama in Japan.

He used the F-Scan3 with reagents and patients with known metal poisoning.
This frequency list of viruses and bacteria according to Dr. Csaba Vertesi is sorted by the frequency spectra from 287 kHz - 581 kHz.

If you analyse these frequencies e.g. with F-Scan 3 or 4, we recommend to start the measurement at 80 kHz.

Dr. Hulda Clark Frequency List

Hulda Clark's frequencies from 'The Cure for All Diseases'.

Dr. Royal Raymond Rife

Dr. Royal Raymond Rife was a brilliant scientist and a role model for our time. He developed many a scientific breakthrough in both the field of microscopy and medicine. These were well documented in his time by various newspapers, including the LA Times and the San Diego Tribune.

Frequency Therapy

Currently, many frequency therapy devices are offered on the market and partly the advertising messages of the respective manufacturers of frequency therapy devices sound very promising.

But what exactly is frequency therapy and is it really a form of therapy? What is the effect of frequency therapy in the human body.

Information changes matter

Fabrizio Benedetti is Professor of Physiology and Neuroscience at the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Turin in Turin, Italy. He is known for his research on placebo and nocebo effects.
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