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Frequency therapy with us in Austria


For customers from abroad we recommend two hotels in Lilienfeld.

These two hotels have excellent customer service and excellent cuisine.

For clients who come to us by plane, we offer a shuttle service from Vienna airport to the hotels and of course from the hotels to the therapy sessions.
More than two thirds of people suffer from three or more chronic diseases in old age. High blood pressure, back pain, joint problems or the number one metabolic disease, diabetes, are among the most common health problems. The causes of complaints in old age are often due to years of physical or psychological stress, various intolerances or even incorrect or too little exercise. If the stressful factors persist over a longer period of time, not only chronic illnesses but also other serious health consequences can occur over the years. With frequency therapy, the causes of such problems can be identified early and the consequences prevented in time
Every person is exposed to a wide variety of stresses in the course of his or her life, even on a daily basis. From psychological to physical demands to demanding illnesses or high levels of stress through sport. Whatever the stress, it usually causes an information deficit in our cells. After stress our body needs a deep regeneration. This is important and necessary to normalize metabolic processes and to renew the body cells. This is exactly where frequency therapy can help

Effect of frequency therapy

Basically, frequency therapy is an "ancient science". Already thousands of years ago it was used by the wise Egyptians through electric eels for pain therapy. However, with the modernization of chemical medicine, it was somewhat forgotten. A few decades ago, however, some scientists rediscovered the form of therapy and the effect of the energy field on humans. Since then, it has been successfully used again and enjoys an ever-growing number of users for good reasons.