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Georges Lakhovsky's Multiwave Oscillator

Georges Lakhovsky's Multiwave Oscillator

Already Nikola Tesla knew that all being is oscillating energy and could be transformed by the corresponding oscillations. Tesla was the model for the Russian inventor George Lakhovsky for the construction of his multiwave oscillator. Similar to Tesla, Lakhovsky also assumed that wireless communication between cells was possible through high-frequency signals. Based on this assumption, which was never accepted by conventional medicine, Lakhovsky developed his multiwave oscillator device, which was supposed to cure cancer, but also to provide relief for many other diseases. In 1934 he applied for a patent for the Multiwave Oscillator (MWO) in the USA and was later scorned as a quack. Find out why Lakhovsky's invention is nevertheless enjoying its revival, how the multiwave oscillator works, and how it is supposed to be used to treat cancer in the following article.

Tesla's scientific assumption and Lakhovsky's development of the multiwave oscillator

Tesla's assumption that everything is made of oscillations was logically continued by Lakhovsky, who concluded that sick cells also emit oscillations. However, the oscillations of sick cells would be characterized by disharmony, while healthy cells would emit harmonic oscillations. The human being is exposed to disharmonious oscillations or frequencies through negative influences such as a wrong diet, worries or stress, but also through radiation sources such as WLAN or mobile radio, which the human body tries to compensate. The Russian Lakhovsky adopted this basic assumption of Tesla's and, based on these findings, invented his multiwave oscillator in the 1930s, which was then used in many hospitals in Belgium, Holland, France, Spain and Italy for the treatment of cancer patients, some of whom were seriously ill.

Lakhovsky's life's work

Lakhovsky, a Russian biologist, engineer and scientist, was extensively involved in the practical application of vibrational medicine. In his 400-page work: "Cellular Oscillation" he enlightens his readers about the importance of harmonious oscillations of cells for health. Echoing Tesla, but also many other researchers, Lakhovsky agreed that disharmony leads to oscillatory imbalance. This, in turn, could cause degeneration, and in the worst case, tumor formation. Lakhovsky based his assumption on the theory that a cell can be compared to an electric oscillating circuit. This is due not least to its shape, which always has the form of a spiral or a helix and therefore resembles a resonant circuit from a microscopic point of view. Each oscillating circuit is capable of emitting and receiving electromagnetic radiation at a certain frequency and amplitude. This electromagnetic radiation is specific to each cell type. If the balance of emission and reception is disturbed, diseases can develop. For Lakhovsky, the fight against pathogens is therefore like a "radiation war" between healthy and unhealthy cells. If the radiation of the microbes exceeds the radiation of the healthy cells, the formation of a disease begins. If one can interrupt the radiation of the microbes, they die and the patient becomes healthy.

In another work, "Universion", Lakhovsky showed his spiritual side and described how electric and magnetic phenomena influence waves and their propagation. He elaborated on the relationships between interastral waves and thought waves. Thus he established that positive vibrations also have positive effects on the mental state of mind. Throughout the world, distinguished professors experimented with his theories of vibration. For this purpose, they made use of, among other things, his bracelets, belts and necklaces, which he made from braided metal threads, and tried them out on hospital patients and healthy people.

Lakhovsky also lived in France throughout his life. Here he worked with doctors at the Salpêtrière, an experimental hospital in Paris, where he also invented his MWO. With the multiwave oscillator, Lakhovsky wanted to directly attack and kill diseased cells by applying the appropriate vibrations. Although his multiwave oscillator is nowadays again increasingly used in medical practice, Lakhovsky's writings are probably frowned upon by the wider research community precisely because of its plain presentation. Many scientists read Lakhovsky's writings as the description of esoteric phenomena, although for him probably the phenomenon of cell degeneration was very conclusive. This is also confirmed by the results of his research therapies, some of which are still used today, at least by alternative medicine practitioners, with amazing results.

What is the multiwave oscillator?

According to its inventor Lakhovsky, the multiwave oscillator is supposed to be able to generate high-frequency electromagnetic waves and emit different wavelengths at the same time. Lakhovsky used the device mainly for treatment with cancer patients. He assumed that it could generate electromagnetic oscillations in the cells and thus effectively combat the pathogen. Critics, on the other hand, do not want to confirm that intracellular processes can be triggered by the multiwave oscillator and accuse Lakhovsky's device of charlatanism.

In one of his writings from 1937, Lakhovsky described the structure of the multiwave oscillator. According to it, the device has two antennas, which consist of twelve circular conductor loops, which are terminated at their ends by spheres. The gaps between the conductor loops are each 180 degrees. In addition, the device has a Tesla transformer to act as an exciter.

In his patent specification, Lakhovsky does not explicitly state his multiwave oscillator for use of medical purposes. However, he describes the device in his publications in connection with oncological experiments. From the point of view of today's medical knowledge these experiments seem almost absurd. For example, Lakhovsyk states experiments with geraniums, which were infected with the bacterium Agrobacterium tumefaciens. Lakhovsky interpreted the resulting bulbous growth of the geranium as a carcinoma. Not least for this reason, the multiwave oscillator was banned by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as quackery for cancer treatment.

How does the multiwave oscillator work?

The multiwave oscillator is said to generate electromagnetic waves that stimulate vibrations within the cells of living organisms. Through these oscillations, according to Lakhovsky, the self-healing powers of the body should be activated and even a severe cancer should be curable - at least that is Lakhovsky's theory. Critics of the multiwave oscillator, however, argue that the ring-shaped antennas cannot emit higher frequencies unless they are produced by the pathogen itself. In its mode of operation, the multiwave oscillator can therefore be compared to a Tesla transformer, only without antennas and in no way recommended for medical treatment.

Proponents of Lakhovsky's multiwave oscillator, on the other hand, argue that the device is a multi-frequency device. According to them, it is not necessary to search for the out-of-balance frequency in the human organism first, as is the case with other bioresonance devices. Instead, the MWO has a wide range of different high-frequency and harmonic oscillations, which can be compared with the frequencies of a large orchestra. Each malfunctioning body cell can select from this wide bandwidth exactly the vibration it needs for its healing. According to this, the body's self-healing powers are activated by the multiwave oscillator.

For which diseases is the Multiwave Oscillator used?

The MWO can be used for the treatment of various disease patterns, including for example:

  • Cell revitalization, for example after cancer: for this purpose, the MVO is intended to promote cell healing by increasing the oxygen supply and the nutritional value of the blood, as well as that of various secretions, and by accelerating the elimination of waste products in the blood.
  • Activation of the body's self-healing powers and increase of the general well-being
  • Anti-aging effects, such as skin tightening and wrinkle reduction: the MWO has the reputation of restoring cells to a younger and more vibrant state.
  • Pain therapy: by increasing and heating the blood flow to the corresponding pain area, toxins can be better eliminated
  • Detoxification and elimination of harmful substances
  • Improvement of the skin's appearance, for example in case of acne or age spots
  • Infections: Through the multiwave oscillator, the cell tension could be increased so that the cell can oppose the infection by using its body's own abilities to defend itself.
  • Autoimmune Disease: By increasing the oscillation frequency of each atom in the body, the immune system's reaction speed also increases. Negative toxins can be eliminated.

Treatment with the MWO is completely free of side effects and can be used as a treatment method for almost any disease. In this case, the professional care of a physician is highly recommended.

How effective is the Multiwave Oscillator?

In the late 1960s, impostors used the multiwave oscillator in California to treat cancer patients. If cancer patients are not treated by demonstrably effective medical methods, they are at many times increased risk of death, which is why the MWO (should it find its application in a cancer condition) should necessarily be used in combination with conventional medicine. In addition, when using the MWO for medical purposes, it is important to make sure that the application is carried out by trained personnel, as there is always a risk of an electrical accident when using high voltage.

As far as the medical effectiveness of the MWO is concerned, after regular use, a significant vitalization and harmonization of the entire human organism can be demonstrated. This could be shown, for example, by a detoxification test, which proved that heavy metals could be eliminated from the body by the multiwave oscillator. Also with regard to cancer therapy, Lakhovsky, like many other researchers of frequency therapy, assumes that cancer can be cured by strengthening the body's own immune system. According to Lakhovsky, the development of cancer is therefore caused by the resonance oscillations of the host cells and the cancer cells, which can be brought back into balance by treatment with the multiwave oscillator.

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